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  • Why is the first (and most important) question to provide my budget?
    Well, glad you asked! We like to use the analogy of wedding dresses. When you go to Klienfelds, the first thing they ask you is budget. Thats because they have a wide variety of options ranging from a Vera Wang for $10,000 or you can even go to David's Bridal and get a $99 special. Both options are wonderful and allow brides to get their dream dress for what they can afford. What cannot happen is getting a Vera Wang for $99. So we most definitely do not want to promise you something that is outside of your budget! We ask your budget to get a better idea of what type of wedding is reasonable for what you want to spend. We can work within most budgets, but if I go and quote you for Fillet with Lobster Thermador and your budget is only $60 per person, you will be very sad to see what the true cost is (more than $200 per person by the way). If you have a tight budget we would rather tell you what is obtainable than what you could cannot get. Please see the next question for more details about budget.
  • What is the average cost of your weddings?
    Standing Weddings typically start between $90-$120 per person ** See below for more details on what we consider our specialty** Plated (Sit Down) Weddings typically start between $110-$180 per person Buffet Weddings typically start between $160-$200 per person Family Style Weddings typically start between $140-$160 Breakfast Buffet Dinners can start as low as $60 per person All of these prices are true averages since each wedding varies. All costs depend on the length of wedding, what the couple would like included in their package (bar, rentals, flowers, permits, venue fees and so on). We do not offer "Standard Packages" allowing couples to customize their weddings to be what they have always dreamed of.
  • What is a Standing Wedding?
    Well, glad you asked! We have found that the best part of any wedding we attend is the cocktail hour. It allows guests to mingle with friends, meet new people at the bar, and enjoy amazing bite sized appetizers. Typically this only occurs for an hour while brides and grooms are busy with photos, meanwhile the couple misses the best part of their wedding. This is then followed by sitting for more than an hour while the DJ sadly plays to an empty dance floor, wasting well payed money on people not dancing. Well, why not make the entire reception a five hour party? We've found that if you turn your entire reception into a large cocktail party, it encourages your guests to dance the night away with the happy couple rather than have the couple stop by their table to thank them all for coming. It allows guests to enjoy a plethora of different cuisines rather than just a choice of chicken or beef. The offerings always include several passed appetizers as well as a few different stations of food that can range from Sliders to Asian, and Raw bar to Mexican. And dont worry- great aunt Millie will be very well fed, we often pass until people turn us away from being too full. One of the reasons this options is less expensive than the others is that this style of wedding doesnt require china. The small plates (or Tapas style) event allows couples to use disposible or compostable plates and forks, no knives needed. China is always an option but if you are looking for areas to cut costs, do you really need china? Or is great aunt Millie just being rude by asking? By the way- this option is great for making sure the couple eats all night, there is nothing worse than not eating at your own wedidng because great aunt Millie wont stop douting on the happy couple. PS- we have nothing against great aunt Millie, she is a wonderful woman and her gravy boat was beautiful
  • That sounds great, do you have a wedding menu we can look at?"
    Certainly! Please take a look at our wedding menu under our events section! Please note that these are just a few suggested menus that have worked for couples in the past few years. Like we’ve said, everything we do is custom. We have Station options as well as appetizer options to review. If at this point you are still interested in buffet or plated we can do almost anything you can dream up. Pricing may vary, obviously.
  • Can you provide gluten free and vegetarian options?
    Of course! We have an excellent selection of options for all food restrictions. Whether it is a true allergy or just a strong preference, we feel no one at an event should feel left out due to something that is outside of their control. We can also provide an individual Halal or Kosher meal for any guest that may require such requirements.
  • Is Sensational Foods capable of working at different venues as well as private residences?
    Absolutely! We have great working relationships with many New England venues and areas and we cater at private residences often. If great aunt Millie wants to donate her wonderfully manicured garden for your wedding, we would be happy to provide a tent if need be. If you are interested in any of the venues we are approved to work at, please visit our Venues page under the Event Drop down for an updated list of venues. And don’t worry; we are fully responsible for clean-up. We would hate if someone left our place a mess after an event.
  • Can you provide our chosen venue with a COI if they require it? How about permits, do you do that?
    Yes. That is a standard practice for all companies. It typically takes 24-48 hours for us to obtain it during busy seasons. All you have to do is to provide us with the specific verbiage that the Venue requires (typically a word document from the venue team). In regards to permits, what is needed depends on the city or venue. We obtain permits and the final cost of the permit will be added to your bill.
  • Do you cater rehearsal dinners or morning after brunches? Can they just be drop offs to save money?
    Of Course!! Often the rehearsal dinner is a time for the more fun option like a clambake or luau pig roast where guests can enjoy a less formal day without worrying about getting a bit messier! As for brunches, whether you are looking for a traditional Jewish brunch with bagels & lox and three cheese quiches or a full breakfast station event with an omelet station, we are the caterers for you! Wow that was cheesy. PS- the omelet station is a bit pricey, set a realistic budget for this event since you will be buying all of your friends and family dinner the night before!
  • Have you ever done a Clambake or BBQ rehearsal dinner?
    Yes. We also provide Pig Roast Luaus as well (We even let you name the pig, no really, we name the pig. Previous pigs have included Britney Speared, Kevin Bacon, Hamilton and so on…)
  • Do you arrange all of our vendors, including tents, rentals and photo booths?"
    Yes, we provide a wide array of vendors in our quotes. And yes, you get dozens of linen color options, plate and wine glass choices and chair choices, allowing you to truly customize your wedding to what you have dreamed it would be. (Some choices will affect price. So be careful how “pinteresty” you get, and yes, that’s a word…. We think). Uplighting is an easy and slightly inexpensive way to give your wedding a nice pop, and yes we do offer that for less cost than if we outsourced it. Our favorite photo booth person (Hotshots, amazing!) also provides that for very little cost. We always make sure that you are covered by asking if your DJ or photo booth people need tables and linens. If you need a table for your guest book, favors and name tags. Don’t forget all the odd additional vendors you might not think about, Outdoor bathroom facilities (upgrades available from the porta-potty), Florists, Photographers, Midnight food trucks, Ice cream sundae bars, Drag queen MC’s (yes we’ve done it), 10 piece big bands, Hula Hooper entertainment, Chocolate fountains, Custom Ice Sculptures, and Cappuccino stations, and more! We have amazing designers that can help provide a custom wedding design or logo as well.
  • Are you able to provide a bar? Is your company insured for liquor liability? Can we provide our own alcohol?
    Yes. All of our bars are open. The amount of money you spend on all the pricing for cash bars is often more expensive than just doing an all-inclusive bar. All of our bartenders are TIPs (or equivalent certified)! And yes, we are fully insured for liquor liability, it will be listed on the COI. In regards to providing your own alcohol, Sadly No. There have been too many instances where the happy couple forgets to get all that actually goes into what it takes to run a successful bar. There are wonderful companies that we work with that will assist you in this matter if you really want to “do your own” beverages. Gordon’s Fine Wine and Liquor is amazing and will help you. They are an approved vendor who we work with. The pro’s of you doing your own bar is that you might save some money, but the con’s sometimes outweigh that. If you “do your own” beverages and there is an issue on your big day, you all are responsible for any issues including calling the vendor to fix the problem. You would also be incharge of doing a final inventory at the end of your event. Either way, no one is allowed to remove beverages from the venue after your event, its against MA state law.
  • Who will be in charge of my party and be my point of contact after I sign my contract? Do you offer day of coordination services? And is so is that an extra cost?
    Although one person will be in charge of your proposal and contract process, more than one person will be assisting after that point. Just in case your contact point is out of the office, you can get quick answers until your sales rep comes back. In regards to the reception, no day of services are needed, we already have that covered. If you are looking for someone to take care of the days events so you can focus on your big day without the hassle, we can cover that as well. Fees can be arranged when you speak with the sales rep in the quoting process.
  • Can we schedule a tasting and if so, when?"
    Yes. Just before you sign the contract and give your deposit. We provide tastings for four guests, the happy couple as well as two guests. It is important to get opinions from more than just you and your fiancé in regards to the food that will feed a hundred of your family and friends. Just because your fiancé doesn’t like cilantro and you agree doesn’t mean that your guests won’t enjoy that one item. Several times we have had guests that offer great opinions about items that you might not be aware of. Also, you won’t hurt our feelings, so be honest about your decisions. This is your wedding, not ours.
  • How many appetizers do you prepare per guest? What is your appetizer selection?
    For a standing wedding, eight per person. That will cover you for three hours of appetizers. For a large selection of offerings please find our appetizer menu under the events tab. We have more but that is a good place to start. You get to no more than 7 but we suggest you pick 10 at first and we will help you narrow down the choices, (Aim for a chicken, beef, seafood, vegetarian and a sweet option). For just a cocktail hour, we typically allot four pieces per person, with no more than four choices. How many servers walk around to serve the appetizers? 1 server per 25 guests for a standing wedding. Typically 1 per table for buffet or plated dinner, hence more expensive.
  • Is there a cake cutting fee? Do you provide the wedding cake?
    No, there is no cake cutting fee. We are there anyways… so are our knives. That’s silly! BUT renting extra plates and forks is where that cost comes in. But no, we do not charge you to cut a cake. Yes we provide wedding cakes, we actually will provide you with names of dessert options and locations. You can actually jump on our “Preferred Partners” part of the website to see some of our favorites! Don’t forget, you can always also do mini pastries, donuts, and pies to name a few. What we do not allow, sadly, is great aunt Millie to bake her favorite childhood cake for you. Regrettably she is not licensed or insured in the state. So although you can do your own desserts through a licensed and insured company, we cannot allow a private baker to provide desserts.
  • Is the gratuity added on the bill? What additional fees are added on the bill? Is the gratuity amount subject to increase before the date of the event?
    Yes, 18% of the food total is added to the bill in the proposal phase of the quoting process. The gratuity is subject to change but only as the food changes per your request. The percentage is always a minimum of 18%. If you would like to increase that, which is up to you, and if you would like to tip cash day of, we would leave that amount on the bill until the cash is provided, at that point the gratuity would be reduced by the amount that was provided. Please look on the bill for the term “Staff Appreciation Fee” as state regulations restrict where the gratuity gets allotted. This allows our company to tip all members of your wedding staff.
  • When do our meal selections and guest counts have to be complete?
    Meal selections need to be completed no less than 30 days before your wedding and guest count needs to be provided no less than 14 days. If great aunt Millie decides to bring a guest the day before, we will do our best to accommodate but we cannot make any guarantees. Darn great aunt Millie!
  • What deposit do we have to put down to hold our date? What is your payment schedule?
    Once you all are thrilled with your pricing and menu choices and want to move forward, we require 30% of your total to be given as an initial deposit. That amount is to hold the date. Don’t be scared that that locks you into your menu or guest count or anything. It really doesn’t. We make a plethora of changes that won’t affect your deposit. At four months before the big day we will be taking another 30% deposit. The final payment will be the remaining balance (plus or minus any changes you have made during the process) will be due upon receipt of the final invoice, which happens after the wedding is over.
  • Whats an Uber or Lyft Event? How does that work?
    Uber and Lyft filled a need that most event hosts were desperate to have filled. A party bus is wonderful in theory but unless the entire wedding is going back to the same hotel, its difficult to not have the bus act like a school bus with multiple stops and frankly, no bus company will do that. So Uber and Lyft offer you a great concept, Offer your guests a credit for their ride home (or to wherever they want to go). You only pay for the rides that are taken and it comes off of your linked credit card. You can also set limits as to how much you will pay, so no one can take the uber to the casino post party on your tab. For more details about how they work please see and for details.
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